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In the name of DIO! Who are Night Screamer?!

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

By now you know the basics -

Night Screamer is a heavy metal band conceived in London in the fall of 2013. We play a mix of classic metal, hard rock and 80's nostalgia from which you can expect a powerhouse of rhythm, soaring vocals and screaming guitars.

In 2014 we released our debut EP 'Hit N’Run' and started making a name for ourselves. Landing gigs at some of the most popular rock and metal venues in the city, we supported notable bands such as Neonfly and Night by Night and headlined shows at Camden’s Black Heart and Islington’s O2 Academy 2.

In early 2015 after we reached Bloodstock's 'Metal To The Masses' semi finals we recorded our 2nd EP 'Vigilante'.

What you don't know is -

That after releasing our 2nd EP, we hit a bit of a rough patch.

At 1st we had to part ways with our 1st Drummer. That was a bit of a blow, as good drummers are hard to find, but good people are even rarer!

And before we could find a permanent member to play the drums, we lost our 2nd guitarist. Losing one band mate is a blow, but losing two is real a knockout!

It was a tough period for the band. Going through line-up changes and personal crises of faith in our music and in the music industry. We were in a constant lookout for a drummer and a guitarist. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years! For a young band like us, that was a lifetime...

Nonetheless, the core band members still remained, the heart kept beating and the show must go on.

So, in late 2017 we pulled ourselves together and started working on our 1st LP Album “Dead Of Night” which features what we believe to be our best work!

You might recognize some of the songs from our previous releases, but rest assured we re-recorded everything! and we took our time doing it.. We’re proud to say that it sounds MEGA!

We are now a full line up once more! And we can’t wait to take over the stage in 2019! It’s time for a comeback..

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already listened to You’ll Never Take Us Alive. Sadly that song didn’t make it to the Album. So didn’t many others, but you can still listen to some of the old recordings here. Our new album ‘Dead Of Night’ is coming out real soon, so stay tuned.

Rock on brothers and sisters!

Night screamer