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Night Screamer News & Updates -

On Friday we had our launch gig at the Dev with Kaine as support and we have to tell you all, it couldn't have gone better ! We're so thankful for the turnout and the support you, our faithful ScREaMer horde, is showing us! Almost all of the CD's we printed are gone now and we had to sign allot of posters as well. We could really get used to that! \m/.

DEAD OF NIGHT's launch is behind us! The album is out and being well received. really well! ... But now what? Well, I'm glad you asked!

News - Night Screamer is really kicking some butts overseas ;) Being played on Metal Messiah Radio and various other station around the world. Rock!

A sweet album review from "Rock Out Stand Out" . how did they put it ? "The album is an excellent portfolio of rolling riffs, dominant vocal work and pounding beats". Check out their review here. And give them the thumbs up.

Our next gig is on the 17th of May with Primitai, Hekz and Fury at the Lounge in Camden London. We'd love to see you all there ScREaMing with us. Bring forth the Night!

We want to give everyone a chance to have the full Dead Of Night experience, but we realize that money is sometimes an issue.. We hate money, why is it even a thing?! So to cut shipping costs we added a bundle option for anyone interested in the full Dead Of Night package (CD + Digital Copy + 2 Posters). Available until stock runs out..

That's it for us here at Night Screamer HQ, Thanks again for being part of our journey. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook page for some kick ass footage from the launch gig.

Keep it Heavy \m/.

'DEAD OF NIGHT' is out!

Available for download on our bandcamp page

Limited Physical copies and posters