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Night Screamer News & Updates - 

Updated: May 1, 2019

Night Screamer News & Updates -

This week we had a few sweet surprises here at Night Screamer HQ. We started off the week on Monday with a kick ass rehearsal for Dead of Night's launch gig. We are so ready and stoked to melt your faces, blow your minds and Rock your socks off with our Metal! \m/.

Then to our surprise, on Tuesday we woke up to a nice review from "Hear She Roars" an online magazine reviewing the Punk and Metal scene! You can check out their review here. And give them the support they deserve ;)

On Wednesday the 1st single from DEAD OF NIGHT titled Night Screamer found its way to Total Invasion Radio show on Z-Rock Radio in Bulgaria! If you missed it, we made the song available to stream on our Bandcamp page.. Huzzah!

On Thursday we made Night Screamer available on bandcamp as part of Dead Of Night's Pre-Order Digital Album ! And also added posters to our online Merch store! Because that Art work kicks so much ass we believe it deserves to be printed..

As for the long awaited physical copies... They will be with us next week. We really wanted to have them ready for you before Easter but we had to make sure they were perfect before we make them available to our horde of ScREaMErs. So if that means a couple more days in print. So be it!

That's it for us here at Night Screamer HQ.. Bring Forth The Night!

Rock !